Project ASSARTA conclusion!

Project ASSARTA summary

🚀 Recently wrapped up research project! 🔬

Project ASSARTA (“Assiemi strutturali secondari avanzati realizzati con tecnologia additiva”, or in english “Advanced secondary structural assemblies via additive manufacturing”) was just successfully completed.

With funding from Agenzia Spaziale Italiana and led by HB Technology S.R.L., we collaborated with amazing partners Thales Alenia Space and Politecnico di Milano to develop a topologically optimized 3D-printed aluminium satellite structure. 🛰️

At MaST group, we focused on developing a custom and space-compliant elastomeric material to dampen vibrations at specific frequencies and temperatures. This played a crucial role in controlling the dynamic behaviour of the structure.

Hats off to all our partners who brought diverse skills and expertise in thermomechanical design, Additive Manufacturing, laser welding, damping materials, and process monitoring. It’s the collective effort that made this multidisciplinary engineering endeavour a success!

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