Francesca Nanni

Prof. Francesca Nanni, Ph.D.

Full Professor

Address: Via della Ricerca Scientifica, 1 – 00133, Rome
Office: sector E, floor 1, room 12

Tel: +39 06 7259 4496

Research topics:
  • Design, manufacturing and characterization of polymeric composite and nanocomposite materials
  • New materials for additive layer manufacturing
  • Multifunctional materials: smart, self-healing, self-monitoring, IR reflective materials,materials for EM and stealth applications
  • Elastomers and rubbers
  • Sustainable polymeric composites and elastomers
  • Circular Economy applied to new materials
  • Technology transfer of new materials
Curriculum Vitae:
  • Prof. Francesca Nanni is author of more than 100 papers in peer-reviewed international journals, 1 chapter in book and of more than 45 contributions to conferences, many of which she personally presented as invited or keynote speaker.
  • Prof. Francesca Nanni is a member of a number of scientific commissions of international congress organizations and workshops.
    She was chairman of the IX ECNP Conference on Nanostructured Polymers and Nanocomposites (Rome, Sett. 2016).
    Prof. Nanni is Associate Editor Europe of the open-access journal “Functional Composite Materials” Springer Nature Journal and she is/was guest editor of special issues in Polymer International (2017) Functional Composite Materials (2020-current), Mathematical and Computational Applications (2021-current), reviewer for more than 10 international journals in the area of Material Science and Technology.
  • More than 10 invited talks and seminars in Universities all over the world. She is co-author of 5 patents and co-founder of a university spin-off Tecnosens srl.
  • Prof. Francesca Nanni is Scientific Coordinator on behalf of the Rector of the research agreement between Tor Vergata and Polizia di Stato and Member of the Scientific Commission in the agreement between Tor Vergata and the European Space Agency (ESA).
    Prof. Francesca Nanni is member of the BoD of the ECNP scarl (European Center for Nanostructure Polymers). In 2019 she and her reserach group were awarded by AIRI (Italian Industrial Research Association) of the Oscar Masi prize for technology transfer for their activity “Multifunctional polymeric nanocomposite materials for l’additive layer manufacturing”.
    She participated to more than 50 scientific and industrial research projects, being in most of them Principal Investigator or Scientific Coordinator.

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