New instruments!

Two new instruments have been just added to the Material Science and Technology research group facilities!

  • Fourier Transform InfraRed FTIR ATR spectroscopy (Agilent Technologies Cary 630) to acquire the absorption/transmission spectrum of a material with high resolution and in a wide spectral range.
    The spectrometer is crucial to characterize the chemical bonds present in materials in order to identify substances and functional groups, investigate functionalization and surface treatments, assess the bond between polymer and fillers, characterize polymer crosslinking and photocuring, as well as many other applications.
  • Combined Shredder + Granulator (3Devo GP20 Hybrid) to roughly shred and then finely grind into <2 mm pellets a wide range of polymers, from hard and tough to soft and flexible.
    The instrument is an exciting addition to our facilities to prepare feedstock for our filament extruders or injection moulding press starting from material exiting our batch mixer or from recycled parts and waste material.
    Its primary use will be in the development of advanced and multifunctional composite materials (Projects ESA OSIP, 3D-PolMet, and Stima4s) as well as research on recycled and secondary raw materials (Project ZiMuX) for the next-generation circular economy.

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