New instruments in our facilities

Our facilities are always in continuous expansion to support new projects, new analysis and new materials. Let’s welcome our new arrivals in the MaST labs:

Cold-plasma gun

The Piezobrush PZ3 handheld plasma gun by Relyon Plasma is capable of producing cold (<50°C) active plasma at atmospheric pressure for the surface treatment of materials.

The plasma treatment is able to modify the surface energy of materials to improve wettability (see photo), promote adhesion of coatings and adhesives, optimize bonding and printing processes, and functionalize surfaces.

Thermal camera

The Testo 883 infrared thermal camera is capable of measuring the temperature of surfaces without contact.

The camera is useful to monitor thermal gradients, hot spots, and temperature variations across functional components, presses, and electrical systems.

Pendulum impact tester

The United test XJJUD-50F impact tester, equipped with both Charpy and Izod fixtures, can measure the impact energy of plastics, composites and metals up to 50 J.

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