DRASTIC: Digitalized Smart and Sustainable Concrete

EPICURE: European Packaging for highly Integrated Circuits for Reliable Electronics

DISCOVERY: 4D-printed Stimuli-responsive Scaffolds Personalized devices Endoscopic surgery

ISIDE: Intelligent Systems for Infrastructural Diagnosis in smart-concretE

INTEGRATE: soft and water-based artificial muscles alimented by metabolic energy.

ZIMuX: Zero Impact Multifunctional 3D printed composite materials for biomedical and industrial applications in the next generation society

STIMA4S: Stimuli Responsive Materials 4D for Space

3D-PolMet: 3D printing di Strutture Metalliche Aerospaziali da Feedstock Polimerici

Recently completed

ESA OSIP: Development of new 3D printed magnetic materials for space applications

ASSARTA: Assiemi strutturali secondari avanzati realizzati con tecnologia additiva

ElastALM: Additive Layer Manufacturing di elastomeri multifunzionali per la produzione di smart-parts

SCAMP: Smart Components mediante Additive Manufacturing Polimerico

Latest posts

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INTEGRATE project on Swiss TV

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