Filament 3D-printing of Titanium from biobased feedstock

In our latest paper, published in Elsevier’s Journal of Materials Research and Technology, we report on the filament 3D-printing of Titanium using biobased feedstock! 3D-printing of metals, which allows for complex geometries unattainable with traditional techniques, is generally carried out via Powder Bed Fusion (PBF) techniques, which are, however, extremely expensive and present additional difficulties […]

Biodegradable and self-monitoring biobased resin 3D printing

New article out! In our latest publication in Elsevier’s Composite Science and Technology journal, we present the development of 3D-printable biobased resins which are biodegradable and multifunctional. Soybean oil, which has been modified by epoxidation and acrylation (AESO), and carbon nanotubes were combined into UV-curable composite resins that were 3D-printed using the DLP technique. The […]

Modeling the fracture behavior of 3D-printed PLA as a laminate composite

New paper out! In our latest paper published in Elsevier’s Composite Structures journal, we investigate the numerical simulation of the failure mechanism of 3D-printed structures by modelling them as laminate composites. The use of a statistical approach (Anova) allowed us to analyse the influence of 3D-printing parameters on the mechanical properties and tune the Finite […]

Sustainable phase change materials (PCMs) from waste materials

Our latest work on sustainable and bio-based materials has just been published on Elsevier’s Materials Today Sustainability! In our research, we investigate the use of waste pork fat from the cooking process as Phase Change Material confined in host materials derived from polypropylene mats from used surgical masks and bio-silica from diatoms algae. The resulting […]

Toward sustainable rubber compounds

We are proud to announce our latest publication in the Journal of Applied Polymer Science (Wiley), “Toward sustainable rubber compounds: the use of waste raw materials”! The sustainability and circular economy in the plastic and rubber industry are important targets to fight climate change. Our work originates from the idea of realizing sustainable rubber compounds […]

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